Scope of Accreditation


Electrical Laboratory had been aggressively widening the Scope of Accreditation yearly to cater for the industrial needs

Our Standards References

The 5720 A Series II is one of the latest models developed by Fluke Mfg and it is the lowest uncertainties of any multifunction calibrator anywhere.

The Wavetek 1281 incorporates many hi-tech features to enhance the application of its superior performance, such as True RMS AC Convertor & True Ohm.

Wavetek 9500 is the calibrator for Oscilloscopes up to 3Ghz.

Wavetek 9100 is the most common multifunction to cover the workload calibration of a variety of ranges including power meter, oscilloscope, temperature simulation, conductance, capacitance, XY recorder and data loggers.

The ETS High Voltage Power Supply 812 is a precision instrument and generates up to 10kV with maximum output current of 100µA which is suitable used to calibrate any non-contact electrostatic meters.

The High Voltage Dividers 100HV and 25kV Process Instruments are precision in ratio of 0.1% basic accuracy which it can measure a maximum high voltage at 100kV DC & 70KV AC at 50/60Hz generated by hipot testers.

The Fluke 732A is a stable voltage reference for 1V, 1.018V and 10V dc voltage and it has been power up for 24 hours a day. Combination of DC Voltage Reference Fluke 732A and Standard Resistance Fluke 742A-1and 742-10 are required to verify the characteristics of the electrical parameters in the Multifunction Calibrator.

HP 8662A, Leader 3222 & HP 8648C are the signal generators which needed as the basic requirement instrument to check the Spectrum Analyzers.

The Fluke A40B Precision Current Shunt Set consists of 14 low-inductance coaxial current shunts, adapters and connectors, and a rugged transit/storage case. Designed for currents from 1 mA to 100A, the current shunts are for laboratory use in making directly measured absolute ac or dc current measurements as well as ac/dc current transfer measurements. They exhibit outstanding resistance value stability, with an excellent self-heating power coefficient, and a low temperature coefficient. With all of these characteristics combined, the shunts offer direct measurement of current from dc to 100 kHz with higher accuracy than previous commercially available shunt technology. Now precision measurements can be made in a single step process rather than by more complex traditional ac/dc transfer methods.

SAMM Accreditation by Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM)

Laboratory & Site Calibration:
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