Calibration is the process of characterizing a measuring instrument by determining its deviation from a known standard, and thereby ascertaining the correction factors for that instrument.

If the goal of your business is to make a quality product or service, and ulitmately a profit, then calibration has a direct impact on your business. Beside of this to increase quality of product, to reduce the rate of suspension or breakdown of instrument. To trace the standard of the calibration laboratory in the standard traceability system.

Firstly is technical competency; secondly with accredited by DSM under ISO/IEC 17025. Finally we are proud with our bribery free status; to serve customers with sincerity, honesty and integrity is our mission.

Yes, but the user should be aware that any number of factors may cause this instrument to drift out of calibration before the specified calibration interval has expired.

Yes, we do provide collection & delivery in klang valley with term & condition.

Yes you can, we will submit the quotation to you upon request.

Some of instrument are not accredited by SAMM. However, our calibration work is competence base on our reference master used are traceable to recognized National or International Laboratories. Also our in house develop calibration methodology are follow ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

5 working days with certificate. Urgent case need to do pre-arrangement.

You can access to SMSB website to download the scope that you needed.

Accuracy, quality of work, competency of technician, duration of calibration, master used all these factors will affect the cost of calibration. If you really need to do comparison, you have to compared an apple to apple.

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